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Discovering the 3 Guards Blocking Your Receiving Magnet

Releasing subconscious guards, walls & shield blocking you from receiving more money, love & joy.
Being more present and available inside your body and increase your sense of self so that you can BE who are meant to be.
Have more awareness and stop taking on other people’s energies because you have developed better boundaries.
Would you like me to show you how your subconscious guards, walls & shields are jamming up your prosperity, intimacy & connection to yourself and others? When I saw & released these within myself, my income doubled! Yours can too!

Can you imagine how the 3 year old “you” would deal with things differently than “you” would now? The problem is many of your subconscious guards were created when you were a young child to cope with situations you hadn’t dealt with before because you were scared and wanted to protect yourself. If the guards are subconscious… are you even aware of yours? The toughest part is you probably don’t even realize how much they are also keeping out the good things in your life. I can teach you how to use healthy boundaries instead of these walls, so that you can remain OPEN to love, blessings and more prosperity.
About Tiffany
Many empaths, healers, coaches, bodyworkers, light workers, transformational workshop leaders and change agents hire me to help them be better at holding space and boundaries because most are overwhelmed, subconsciously guarded, take things personally and contract when feeling fear and negativity. So I help you be more clear and trust your intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action and own your sense of Self. Bottom line, I get you aligned and congruent so that you can be even better at receiving more money, love and joy!

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