Blindspot Healing, Clarity & Empowerment Session

*Special 24 Hour Pricing Discount! 

35 Years Experience

I have been getting paid for healing since I was 8 years old. I have been trained in many healing modalities, and mainly I use my intuition to guide me to facilitate your breakthroughs!

Healer of Healers

I can clairvoyantly see what’s in your blindspot, right next to your brilliance, that is blocking you from manifesting greater wealth, health & happier relationships. 

Transformation Leader

I help you to be less guarded, feel safer and more present, live from your heart, with healthy boundaries and stand in your power.

 I have been getting paid for Healing since I was 8 Years Old!

Many empaths, healers, coaches, light workers and transformational workshop leaders hire me to help them see and heal their blindspots because most are overwhelmed, subconsciously guarded, take things personally and blocking their ability to easily receive the money, love, health and joy they desire. So I help you to be more clear and trust your intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action and own your sense of Self. Bottom line, I get you aligned and congruent so that you can be even better at receiving more money, love and joy!

 This Special Never-Done-Before Pricing is Available for 24 Hours! Please book your 1 hour strategy session for ONLY $97 (Valued $425). Special Pricing is good through Friday, July 17 at Midnight Pacific Time. 


Receiving Magnet, Trust, Empowerment and Boundaries

When you are receptive, great healing and blessings can transform your life- in an instant!


Receive Healing For:
Your Blindspots
Self Limiting Beliefs
Pro$perity Healing
Healing the Past
Stress & Anxiety
Health & Wellness
Holding Space & Boundaries
Increasing Clarity & Hope
Better Productivity & Action
Relationship Healing
Burnout & Fatigue
Deepening Faith & Trust
Inner Child Wounds
Feeling Loved, Seen, Heard & Understood
and Much More!

Book your 1 Hour Blindspot Breakthrough Strategy Session for Clarity, Healing & Empowerment!


Your Key Benefits!

Receiving Magnet: Releasing subconscious guards, walls, shields, and blocks affecting connection and the ability to receive even more Love, Money, Blessings and good things in your life.

Deep Healing: Release old wounds, beliefs & traumas blocking you from standing in your power and manifesting the life that you want.

Empowerment: Being more present and available inside your body and increase your sense of self so that you can BE who are meant to be.

Trust: Increasing intuition and confidently taking action on your insights.

Boundaries: Have more awareness and stop taking on other people’s energies because you have developed better boundaries.

Trust your inner knowing and book by Fri, 7/17! 

Book Your 1 Hour Strategy Session for only $97 (Valued at $425). 

Personalized attention, coaching & healing!

Happy Clients Share…

Tiffany has helped me get healthy and stay healthy, even with my demanding schedule. She has truly worked miracles for my body and capacity to abundance.

Alison Armstrong &

“Thank you Tiffany for an amazing one on one healing phone session. You created such a safe space for me which allowed what needed to be addressed to arise, something that I had buried so deeply. I am blown away how you did what you did and I realized this incident which had been holding me back and that was in one session. The sense of a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I now have such clarity in what I want and where I am heading thank you. I highly recommend you and your work. I as so looking forward to your workshop being here in Australia soon xxx”


Sydney, Australia

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Tiffany Cano’s amazing healing gifts.  Each time I have a session, I gain clarity, energy and freedom.  She creates room for me to really let go of the what doesn’t work and then opens up my heart for what’s to come!  My first session was after I broke my leg.  I was impressed with how I could feel her healing energy through the phone.  The work that we did, helped my leg heal more rapidly. The most recent session she helped clear energy so I could just be who I am at my current art show … and I sold a painting.  I always look forward to my sessions. I get so inspired that I can continue to live life to the fullest. Thank you for your beauty, Tiffany!” 

Karen S

Los Angeles

Give yourself more tools to be more powerful!


“I have a very stressful job & family life.  Every time I receive a healing, it is like I just spent a day at the spa. I always feel so relaxed and at peace.  It has improved the relationships with my family, friends and co-workers as well. Thank You so much!” 


Working with Tiffany, I was able to open up my heart again.  I didn’t even realize that I was still holding on to pain, suffering and anger from a divorce that occurred almost 6 years ago.  Using forgiveness clearings, Tiffany brought love back into my life which had an immediate positive impact on my children, family, friends and business results. Tiffany has catapulted me into a new level of spirituality.  I have extraordinarily been able to integrate all aspects of my humanity by confronting my “shadow” side.  I am experiencing a new sense of personal empowerment, while strongly sensing that the source of power, love and consciousness is Universal. I have been able to experience, sustain and maintain states of happiness, gratitude, love, acceptance, grace and forgiveness that used to be fleeting emotions embedded in states of hurriedness, upset and anxiety.”

Amy R

New York

“I noticed many changes occurring after the session. You are such a blessed gift. I thank you so much for your time. You are unique in your gifts to others. I feel you are in the arena of many great treasures of the spirit. Blessings to you.”

Laura C

San Diego

“Tiffany has a peaceful, intuitive guidance in healing. Her calm demeanor is comforting and uplifting, while at the same time, providing gentle support. What a gift to have Tiffany as a healer!” 


It’s time for you to Receive, Receive, Receive! Also hold your space, increase your intuition and empower your best self.

Tiffany is gifted with the ability to see and know where the old “wounds,” “traumas,” and “pain” are located in the body and psyche that are blocking people from health, wealth and love. She intuitively discovers where the originating source is and helps facilitate deep healing that ripples out to every area of your life.

The majority of physical ailments stem from a psychological wound that has festered in the body at a subconscious level. Since it’s subconscious, you may not even be aware that it’s there. Yet, Tiffany knows how to find and release these so you can access your Best You and take your life to the next level!

Heal your mind, body and spirit by clearing the blocks in the chakras, meridians, aura, organs, tissues and joints. It’s a whole system clearing in each session!

 This Special Never-Done-Before Pricing is Available for 24 Hours!

Please book your 1 hour strategy session for ONLY $97 (Valued $425).

Special Pricing is good through Friday, July 17 at Midnight Pacific Time.