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Happy Clients say…

“Listening to Tiffany’s “Guided Meditation on Forgiveness” allows me to let go of built-up resentment, old judgment, and anger. Her guided meditation is a gift to receive. A gift that gives freedom, happiness, and sense of ease.”

Lynn Hardin

Elementary School Principle

“Working with Tiffany, I was able to open up my heart again.  I didn’t even realize that I was still holding on to pain, suffering and anger from a divorce that occurred almost 6 years ago.  Using forgiveness clearings, Tiffany brought love back into my life which had an immediate positive impact on my children, family, friends and business results.”

Amy R

Transformational Workshop Leader

“Working with Tiffany, I cleared and healed old wounds that used to attract unhealthy relationships. I gained a lot of clarity, serenity and joy on my list of qualities to attract the right man and for the first time in my life, I feel confident about my romantic future and awake to the love and light that a romantic partnership can provide. I’m ready and excited to welcome a wonderful man into my life! Thank you Tiffany!”


International Consultant