We picture a world where everyone loves, laughs, walks in joy, and experiences deep connections… rather than feels overwhelmed, disconnected and gloomy.

   An exclusive opportunity to be mentored, trained, developed and healed by Tiffany and her Team! Participate via Zoom! And the Crown Level includes an Personalized Healing Sessions!

When our group of powerful, positive, conscious people are together we experience Divine, spiritual and celestial guidance for profound healing and blessings.

You Will Receive the Following Benefits and Discoveries:

Open up your heart to live, listen and speak from your heart space.

Get even better with your boundaries and space holding so you don't soak up the fear, stress, chaos, anger, sadness and hopelessness affecting our world today.

Enjoy and experience profound healing rituals.

Learn to hear and trust your intuition more to guide you to create an even better life.

Stand in your power with your heart open and receive greater prosperity for your "Money Space."

Embody qualities such as love, peace, empowerment and joy.

C-o-n-n-e-c-t and surround yourself with a like-minded community!

Be a Yes to Even More Transformation, Growth, Healing & Empowerment! 


An intimate community of like-minded people to share and witness your beautiful journey.

Weekly group healing & coaching Zoom video calls to continue to deepen our discoveries, breakthroughs and implementation of what you learn into your life.

Weekly insightful teachings to take your skills, awareness and intuition to the next level.

And a lot more depending on what level of participation and support would serve you best!

You will learn more about…

Money Space

Need Mo’ Money? Tired of stressing over your cash flow? Time to tap into your powerful ability to receive, save, give and invest money! If your Money Space is unhealthy or small, it is often very challenging to make money or feel trust that the Universe is providing for you. In this course, you will develop a greater capacity to receive prosperity, abundance, Divine bounty and blessings!

Emotional Space

Do you feel the positive &/or negative emotions of others? Has it been overwhelming or had you feel like you need to guard or protect yourself? We need a healthy emotional space to process our emotions in a drama free way. You will receive healing so that you are less triggered, more neutral, calm, peaceful, trusting and loving.

Mental Space

Can’t think? Get overwhelmed? Your mental space provides your ability to think, have clarity, be creative, write, speak and communicate. If you value quick, sharp, clear thinking, creativity, kinder & more direct communication, then let me help you heal and expand your mental space.

Physical Space

Ever notice that some people walk in a crowd and it’s like the parting of the Dead Sea and others get bumped all the time? When you have a strong, healthy physical space, it is represented by a “presence” or “it factor.” Learn to better occupy your body, be present, grounded, healthy, and strong..

Spriritual Space

Do you want more intuition, or perhaps you get overwhelmed by the spiritual downloads? When you have a healthy, strong spiritual space, divine guidance, intuition and messages come often with clarity and ease. You will also receive more peace, joy, trust and fulfilment.

Relationship Space

Are you struggling with one or more relationships at home or in your social life? Creating a better relationship space will give you access to compassion, kinder and clearer communication, more heartfelt intimacy if/when you want it, space to be “yourself” in the partnership.

Work Space

Do you need a better work space? Have you been struggling with your boss or a co-worker? Whether you work from home or in an office, there is an optimal energetic work environment that can help you be more productive, centered, balanced and make your job easier.

Life Space

Have you struggled trying to find a balance in your life? When you have a large enough life space, it gives you the time, money, energy and attention for all of your various spaces. There is space to work, play, love, laugh, exercise, have alone time and much more.


In my last three mentor programs, I customized topics such as: 


  • Connecting with Your Higher Soul and God
  • Erasing Fears, Triggers, Resistance & Negativity
  • Macro & Micro Boundaries
  • Inner Strength
  • Spiritual Surrender
  • Staying Positive During Negativity
  • Raising Your Invisible Glass Ceiling for Greater Prosperity
  • Clearing Mental Chatter
  • Being Fearless
  • Trusting Yourself and Others
  • God’s WD-40 to Get Unstuck
  • Releasing Resistance to Doing What You Know is Good For You
  • Expanding Your Giving and Receiving Space
  • Being True to Yourself in the Face of Expectations
  • Overcoming the Ego’s Objections to Doing Purification and Spiritual Practices
  • Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
  • Healing Your Victim
  • Guilt-Free Boundaries
  • Deepening Intuition & Discernment
  • Active & Passive Manifesting
  • Owning Your Power
  • Power of Archetypes, etc… 


*** I take your personal requests and customize the topics for YOU!


6 Month Mentorship Program

September 13, 2023 – March 6, 2024 via Zoom!

 Wednesdays at 6pm-7pm PT

My program will give you ongoing Education & Insights, as well as Group Healing & Coaching via Zoom Video Calls, at every level of the program, starting at the “Heart” level!

If you desire more personalized attention, the “Crown” level includes private healing & coaching, deeper training (online & in-person), and greater connection amongst your peers.



Total Value $4,716 - Limit 25 People



Total Value $9,868 - Limit 15 People


If you need a customized payment plan with smaller payments, please email me for help at admin@hppacademy.com.

Meet Your Coaches & Healers in the Crown Level!

Rae Irelan

Soul Aligned Coaching

Bill Hencke



“Tiffany came into my world in an impressively strong way as a spirit ally. She is someone who helps empathic people develop psychic capacities to learn to work with the arena of the extra sensory awareness.  In life the mystic potentialities can often be overlooked and out cast. Tiffany seems to me, to be devoted to the empowerment of the exceptional in people & teaches those around her how to carve a place to all to discover their gifts with which to serve a more heavenly world. Thank you, Tiffany, for your commitment to heaven on earth!” 

Robbie Ryan, III


“I love being held in the space of the Embodiment Program.  I have had so many tragedies and challenges (even in the past month) and I always feel Divine blessings, healing and help.  I love that Tiffany requests input so our time together is relevant for us in our daily lives- it isn’t just theoretical lessons that I hope I will remember to apply one day.  My spaces are getting healthier and brighter causing even better results in all areas of life (love, money, health, spirituality) this leaves me with more vitality and resources to do even more charity work.  I am extremely busy and when I miss a call,  I love that I can watch the recording when I have time- the blessings and healing is just as powerful as if I attend the class live.  Just when I think life can’t get better, I release even more layers of blockages, receive more blessings, and transform again.   Thank you Tiffany and everyone in the program.” 🙂

Anna L

Vancouver, Canada

“Tiffany is a Master at helping you discover your blind spots and giving you what you need to heal in just the right way. My life is forever changed for the better. Thank you, Tiffany.”

“I loved the peace and the light. I loved the experience of transformation with mercy, grace and ease.”

“The more I dip myself into this kind and amazing energy, the more I can carry it back out the world. Everyone should do this work- the Earth would be more peaceful.”

“I learned many techniques and received a lot of healing. And more importantly, I learned how to love and live from my heart.”

Meet Tiffany Cano


I am the Healer of Healers and Transformational Workshop Leaders. I’ve been getting paid for healing since I was 8 years old and have many been trained in many modalities. I can clairvoyantly see what’s in your blind spot, right next to your brilliance, that is blocking you from manifesting greater wealth, health & happier relationships. My mission is to help you shift, get unstuck and change your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. I facilitate energy healing and clairvoyant readings for individuals and groups over the telephone. I love working with people who are ready to partner in their healing process. Energy healing is a tool that can clear the body’s interference and allow for deeper health and well-being, in addition to manifesting your wishes and goals.

Deeply Trust Yourself and be the Empowered Empath you are meant to be!