Whether you are empathic and intuitive,

don’t think you are but feel overwhelmed, guarded,

drained, and perhaps can’t stop taking things personally,

or you want to develop and trust your intuition even more… 

Highly Perceptive People can help you.

Do you know things about people that you “shouldn’t” know because they have never told you about it?

…Do you soak up negativity, get overwhelmed or take things personally?

…Do you hear messages from Angels, animals or nature?

If so, perhaps you are Highly Perceptive!

Learn how to honor your gifts, as well as desensitize, have better boundaries and hold your space.

Deeply Trust Yourself
and be the Empowered Empath
You are Meant to Be!

Take a “Self Quiz” to see if this is for you:

Is your mission or the everyday things in your life overwhelming you?

Do you want to feel "even safer" putting yourself out there so you can more easily receive even more money?

Have you been doing self improvement work for years, but still not where you want to be personally or professionally?

Do you feel the emotional or physical pain of others?

Do you wish you could feel even more loved, seen, heard, understood or like you belong?

Are you aware of your subconscious guards, walls and shields that you may have used to protect yourself from negativity, likely since you were a kid, and realize that now it's time to remove them so you can make more money, as well as have deeper connections and trust with loved ones?

Do you wish you didn't get so triggered or take things as personally?

Are you more comfortable and trusting with animals or nature as a close friend than a person?

When you are around negative people who are sad, stressed, moody or angry, have you inadvertently let their emotions change how you're feeling?

When you are in unhealthy, toxic or heavy environments like hospitals, bars, crowds, cemeteries or even at your office or family functions, have you soaked up the negative energies and felt drained afterwards?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 of more of these, then consider allowing Tiffany Cano and Highly Perceptive People Academy to be your next mentor.

FREE download of my

Money Magnet Intensive Program

Receive Your

Pro$perity Healings Now!

Free Download of my Money Magnet Intensive Program. Receive 20 Minute Pro$perity Healings and 12 Pro$perity Pointers for the next 21 days!

“Love and harmony are the keys to feeling like you Belong. And You are loved and accepted here at Highly Perceptive People Academy.”

- Tiffany

Upcoming Events:

January 5 at 12noon PT – Manifesting 2019 with Ease (link)

January 14-18 – 5 Day Challenge to Turn on Your Receiving Magnet (link)

February 6 – Discover the 3 Guards Blocking Your Receiving Magnet (link)

March 23-24 San Francisco Bay Area, CA – Highly Perceptive People 3 Day Live (link)

Mary 3-5 Orange County, CA – Highly Perceptive People 3 Day Live (link)

June through February 2020 – Highly Perceptive People Academy (no sales page made yet to have a link)

Deeply Trust Yourself and be the Empowered Empath you are meant to be!

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404A, Flower Street
San Fransisco, CA


+00 125 456 8754


M-F:  10am – 3pm
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About Me

33 Years of Experience

I have been getting paid for healing since I was 8 years old. I have been trained in many healing modalities, and mainly I use my intuition to guide me to facilitate your breakthroughs!

Healer of Healers

I can clairvoyantly see what’s in your blindspot, right next to your brilliance, that is blocking you from manifesting greater wealth, health & happier relationships. 

Transformational Leader

I help you to be less guarded, feel safe, live from your heart, with healthy
boundaries and stand in your power.

I grew up very empathic, sensitive & intuitive. As a kid, I used to take many things personally. I could feel the pain, sadness, stress and anxiety and didn’t know that it wasn’t mine. Sometimes I would get sick or pick up aches and pains if I was near someone with physical pain. I used to get overwhelmed by crowds and feel exhausted when around negative people. I didn’t even know that most of this was NOT even mine. I felt unsafe in the world, even with shields. After I learned to drop my guards and get better with boundaries, my income doubled!

Receive a lot of personalized attention and healing!

My mission is to help you shift, get unstuck and change your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. I facilitate energy healing and clairvoyant readings for individuals and groups over the telephone. I love working with people who are ready to partner in their healing process. Energy healing is a tool that can clear the body’s interference and allow for deeper health and well-being, in addition to manifesting your wishes and goals.

Book Your Abundance Breakthrough! 1-on-1 Sessions with Tiffany

Does it feel like you’re financially contracting? 

Is money causing stress and worry?

I’m here to help!   Book Your Complimentary 20-minute session, where I will show you what has been hidden in your blind spot blocking your receiving magnet.

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