Health, Money, Love & Freedom Workshop

Spring 2020 in Vancouver, Canada (Lower Mainland, B.C.)


Your workshop is customized for You!

Are you ready to receive health, wealth, love & freedom into your life?

Do you want to release subconscious blocks to love?


Do you want to develop your intuition for access to your best Self? 


Are there areas of life where you feel overwhelmed & drained and you desire freedom from the burden and stress?

Health, Wealth, Love & Freedom is for you!

This Highly Interactive Workshop is Fun, Experiential & Tremendously Healing!

For every 100 conscious thoughts, there are 11 million subconscious thoughts! Have you ever been passionate about manifesting a goal yet feel challenged to realize your greatest desire? The best place to look is in your subconscious. Tiffany has the gift of seeing your  subconscious beliefs and offering powerful healing.

At the beginning of our two days together, to help Tiffany customize this class for YOU, she will ask for your requests of topics that you want to learn, areas of healing that would help you and your intentions. She will feel into the needs and wants of the group, and then teach practical & insightful topics that you can apply in your everyday life. These valuable teachings are followed by kinesthetic exercises to give you hands-on tangible & visceral experiences where you discover and heal more of your limiting beliefs that have been blocking greater money, health and love. This powerful discovery allows you to be more of your Self no matter who you are around and the circumstances you are facing. You will have a stronger sense of Self, better boundaries, develop more trust, clarity and empowerment.

Your Key Benefits!

Receiving Magnet: Releasing subconscious guards, walls, shields, and blocks affecting connection and the ability to receive even more love, money, blessings and good things in your life.

Deep Healing: Release the old wounds, beliefs & traumas blocking you from standing in your power and manifesting the life that you want.

Empowerment: Being more present and available inside your body and increase your sense of self so that you can BE who are meant to be.

Trust: Increasing intuition and confidently taking action on your insights.

Boundaries: Have more awareness and stop taking on other people’s energies because you have developed better boundaries.

Trust your inner knowing and reserve your spot now!

Money Space

Need Mo’ Money? Tired of stressing over your cash flow? Time to tap into your powerful ability to receive, save, give and invest money! If your Money Space is unhealthy or small, it is often very challenging to make money or feel trust that the Universe is providing for you. In this course, you will develop a greater capacity to receive prosperity, abundance, Divine bounty and blessings!

Relationship Space

Are you struggling with one or more relationships at home or in your social life? Creating a better relationship space will give you access to compassion, kinder and clearer communication, more heartfelt intimacy if/when you want it, space to be “yourself” in the partnership.

Life Space

Have you struggled trying to find a balance in your life? When you have a large enough life space, it gives you the time, money, energy and attention for all of your various spaces. There is space to work, play, love, laugh, exercise, have alone time and much more.

Register for the 2 Day Live Workshop
in Vancouver, Canada by February 15th!
$597 US or 2 Payments of $298 

Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am – 6:30pm

Bring a Friend and you both save $100

and enter code:  FRIEND100 

It’s time for you to hold your space, increase your intuition and empower your best self.

Imagine the healing and partnerships that can blossom when you experience this course together with your loved ones and co-workers! Invite them to participate in this workshop with you. Tiffany will teach you how to harness your genius, while also holding your space and boundaries. She was born highly perceptive, intuitive, empathic, psychic & clairvoyant. She struggled as a kid being so in tune to the energies all around her. Over the years, she has learned how to embrace these skills to help others, while staying clean, clear & strong. Now she is bringing it to you and is excited to help other highly perceptive people! 

 If you want to learn how to honor your gifts, as well as desensitize, have better boundaries and hold your space, this is the best class for you!

Bring a Friend and you both save $100

and enter code:  FRIEND100 

Register for the 2 Day Live Workshop
in Vancouver, Canada by February 15th!
$597 US or 2 Payments of $298

Hear the Experience of Tiffany’s Previous Workshop Graduates

My husband and daughter took this workshop last year. I can’t stop raving about the changes I’ve seen in them! The guy I fell in love with is now consistently there for me – much less affected by everything going on.

Alison Armstrong &

This program is one of the most profoundly useful programs I have ever participated in. I find it effortless to be myself in circumstances that used to diminish or take me out entirely. If you like being yourself, this is the place to be. Just sign up.

Greg Lewis

This workshop was transformational for me. I came into it feeling trapped in a self-made shell of protection from prolonged exposure to others’ emotional energies. Tiffany provided insight and a loving, safe environment in which they shared tools that I could use to release fear and learn to embody my own energetic space. The workshop more than met my expectations. I left with a feeling of hope and possibility that my empathy can be a source of strength to myself as well as to others.

Karen Z

Wow, what an amazing workshop!!! I’ve experienced both Tiffany’s (and Michele’s) talents individually and had the opportunity to experience them together this past weekend in their workshop which was absolutely exceptional! I felt an incredible shift of healing which was fascinating since it happened so quickly and easily. I literally discovered the impact of my own energy, how it felt and how it affected people around me. I was able to experience and recognize this for the first time in my life!!! The tools they taught were exactly what I had been looking for and it was done a loving, safe and unconditional environment. An amazing class and I can’t wait for the advanced class next year!!!


I came to the Highly Perceptive People weekend worn out, run down, fighting illness, and felt little joy or passion in my life. A classic case of overwhelm. After participating in the HPP workshop and receiving all the wonderful teachings and healings from Tiffany, I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life! I feel reset, rejuvenated and look forward to re-entering my life with confidence. I have confidence because I will hold clear, strong, healthy, firm, appropriate boundaries! I will allow into my space juicy goodness and not be available for anything less. I can’t thank Tiffany enough!”



Just spent the most AMAZING weekend. I walked out of there with new tools for release, healing and growth; a newfound sense of my space and my birthright to take up more space; the experience of being seen, heard and known; and a new clarity around who I am and my true purpose in this life! What an incredible gift…I am so supremely grateful — thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Laura T


Give yourself more tools to be more powerful!


Even if you don’t believe you are an Empath or super sensitive, This would be great for any person in the world that works with other people.


Meet The Founder

Many empaths, healers, coaches, bodyworkers, light workers, transformational workshop leaders and change agents hire me to help them be better at holding space and boundaries because most are overwhelmed, subconsciously guarded, take things personally and contract when feeling fear and negativity. So I help you be more clear and trust your intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action and own your sense of Self. Bottom line, I get you aligned and congruent so that you can be even better at receiving more money, love and joy!

- Tiffany Cano

Trust your inner knowing and reserve your spot now for our upcoming  event in Vancouver, Cananda.

Register for the 2 Day Live Workshop
in Vancouver, Canada by February 15th!
$597 US or 2 Payments of $298

Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am – 6:30pm

Bring a Friend and you both save $100

and enter code:  FRIEND100 

Deeply Trust Yourself and be the Empowered Empath you are meant to be!